Feeder Cables

Our flexible cables feature annularly corrugated outer conductor and mainly used for cellular and personal communications, land mobile radio, earth station antenna jumpers, equipment room and antenna jumper etc.

e2E Solutions offers a complete cable range from 1/4”R to 1-5/8”R. And the cables are constructed with inner conductor, foam dielectric, outer conductor and protective jacket.

The inner conductor is made of a copper clad aluminum wire, a smooth or corrugated copper tube according to cable size. With high conductivity copper, it can guarantee excellent low loss. 
This foam insulator consists of a mixture of low dielectric polyethylene melted and extruded with an insert gas injection process. With low density, close and homogenous cell dielectric can ensure remarkable low loss and prevent water penetration.
The outer conductor is made of annularly welded copper tubes that provide excellent screening while offering flexibility. 

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SLink Cable - SL 7/8" R
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SLink Cable - SL 1/2" R
Materials ann Dimensions   Inner conductor Copper clad aluminium wire Ø 4.8mm D..
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